Nick Goodrige - Miami, US

It is really amazing to watch Tee Support agent deleting virus via remote support. You guys are the best I ever see.

Rebecca Miles - Liverpool, UK

I have struggled with the annoying virus for 3 days without positive result, the virus just came back again and again…thanks for your remote assistance, I get rid of the evil thing finally.

Emerald - NY,US

I am a single mother, my son has been complaining about his computer pop out alerts. I don’t know what to do. Thanks Tee Support agent remotely fixing the problem. You service is very impressive. Thank you very much.

Jeff - Houston, US

I have tried many methods found on the Google search to remove AV Security suite but the annoying virus just came back again and again when I went back to the normal mode, …I was so sad and preparing to buy a new PC but thanks to your Tee Support guys' remote help, I got rid of the virus completely at last!!

Jennifer Dorsey - WA, US

Well, so, let me start off by saying I've tried almost every solution I could find on the internet to remove this virus, and none of them have worked. But so luckily I found Tee Support, and their smart agents have help me remove the ever nasty Antivir Solution Pro. So far everything seems to be back to normal. THANK YOU!!!! You are AWESOME!